Realm of Wonders!

Hanging out in Apple Blossoms

Slavers & Fey Elves & Friars OH My!

After spending a few days in the little wayward village of Apple Blossoms, the would-be heroes have gotten to know some of the simple, hard-working folks who make their homes here. Though well off the beaten path, the village seems to be doing alright for itself, particularly with regard to the nearby mines where adamantium ore is to be found. As long as the mines continue to produce this rare raw metal, then the village will stay intact.

An envoy of elves from the Fey paid a visit to the village, and took council with the mayor, the chief bailiff Landolfia, and the guildhall council. They have been looking for a group of wayward elves from the Fey who have gone missing. Unfortunately, no one from the village had any information that could help locate these teenage elves. (If only they had asked the party members, perhaps the mystery would have been solved.) However, the elves did find out that some of their women had been taken by slavers, slavers who in turn met their ugly deaths at the hands of the party members. The elves were pleased that the party helped their kin, and offered their thanks in the form of an open invitation to visit the Fey.

But what of those slavers? Openly operating within the Fey, and moving along the road towards the Black Hills, this doesn’t smell quite right.

Speaking of not smelling right, the winds have been coming from the east and north lately, bringing with it the distinct smell of swamp gases and decaying vegetation, or, pigs. It is hard to tell which is worse; at least you can eat the pigs

One morning, while out and about, while Grundle the Highland Dwarf was busy practicing her hobby at the local blacksmith’s shop, the party was met by a tall, rotund half-orc. He was in his fifties, and favored his human side, wearing a simple brown robe worn and mended many times over. He walked with a distinct limp, assisted by a rather large wooden staff. He approached the party and asked for their assistance: two members of his order were sent out to find a simple wooden cup that, while having no monetary nor magical value, was held in great regard by the friar’s order. They have not returned and as he is the only brother close to where the cup is said to be located, he was tasked with this task. However, age and a hard physical life has taken a toll on this brother, and the party agreed to help find the two missing brothers, and possibly the cup itself.

They made their way across the Barren, a harsh land where flat sheets of rock cover the ground for miles. It is slow going, with the goodly chance of a sprained ankle, or worse. The party managed to find the “dolmen” where the cup was assumed to be, and they entered.

Finding the two monks, who had been buried behind a pile of stone rubble, they also found some zombies and their pets: zombie rats. These undead creatures were dispatched to the ashes and dust, but not before the rats infected two party members with some type of disease. Itching & burning aside, they were now free to explore the rest of the underground burial chamber.

After some time searching (having no thief to assist them), they finally found a secret door that, while proving difficult to open, was finally pushed aside. This chamber had similar stone platforms as the other chamber, whereon sat neatly and reverently piled bones. But these piles leaped up and formed into animated bonebots. The party was saved by Quinn Sora, the undead vanquisher cleric who was able to drive the skeletons away from the party where they could be more readily disposed of. Then, while Decious, the man of the wilds, moved near what appeared to be a stone altar, a strange green ethereal creature rose up and attacked. It didn’t so much strike as fly thru the victim’s body, causing a bone-chilling cold that caused minor damage. But the real damage was the creature’s ability to draw an attribute from the victim. The creature did some considerable damage before the good cleric was able to turn it. With that the dwarf Grundle, with a +1 dagger, was able to slowly dispatch the undead filth and send it to the underworld.

Lo and behold! The cup was setting on the altar, along with some blue gems, three scroll tubes, a strange mace head, and a small nondescript silver ring.

And it’s back to Apple Blossoms, where the party counts out its hard earned experience:

Each member (Quinn Sora; Decius; Desrtorm; and Grundle) receives: 623 XP
“Well done lads, well done!”



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