Realm of Wonders!


We're off to see the village of Apple Blossoms.

*Travel & Adventure: See the world while getting paid. Caravan Guards needed to escort wagons from the southeastern fort of Kytheria to the lovely village of Apple Blossoms.*

A bit of gold, and the opportunity for some experience facing the harsh reality of a world that doesn’t know you, nor care about you. Live – die; succeed – fail, that is your responsibility.
The party decided to hire on as guards for the wagons providing goods for the remote village of Apple Blossoms, and returning with ore from the adamantian mines. The trip, while having some minor disturbances, brought them safely to the village.

They booked a small private room at the one and only inn in Apple Blossoms: “The Two Brothers Inn” A tidy establishment owned and operated by—oddly enough—two brothers. The Brendas brothers Brill & Breen, half-elfs who have many interesting and ofttimes disturbing stories to tell about past adventures.

While poking around the village and taking a hike up into the black hills, they headed for the tavern called “Mogs Mug: Drinks-Dice-Darts: No spitting, cheating, or fighting.” This rough-n-tumble tavern is owned by Mog, a female half-orc who, for all her brawny size, looks human. Here they met the dwarf Grundle, who had only recently been driving a team of oxen. She informed them that she no longer worked for the transport company, and could prove a useful fighter in their small, yet promising, company. All were in agreement, and away they went. But to where?



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