WANTED-Adventuring types who aren’t afraid of a little blood on their breastplate. For a good ol’fashioned face-to-face RPG campaign. See Oran at the Wayward Lass Inn

Somewhere in the dark recesses of a tortured soul a thought emerged, then slowly grew into a plan of delicious possibilities. Then a soft, dry voice emerged from the oily black shadows, “As I am like a god, why not a kingdom on the Mortal plane?” And so it begins…

Looking down on the walled town of Khulan in a fertile farm district within the Kingdom of Kytheria, we see a rather plain and weather-worn inn called The Wayward Lass. Moving closer still, we see three fellow travelers sitting at a table in the otherwise nondescript room, seven or eight empty mugs in front of them. They have been seeking fellow comrades to brave the wild and dark places where magic and treasure can often be found, along with a heroes welcome, if they should live to tell the tale.

“Like my broad ax, my constitution is stouthearted, but as it is only one, will not suffice.”

“We need a person of the cloth, though one that wears armor. That would provide us with much needed support from their divine blessings, along with a good crushing weapon.”

“And they come in handy when dry bones rise up to defend some ancient evil.”

“Let’s not forget about locked doors and booby-trapped chests. A rogue’s ‘special’ talents can be most useful.”

“Then it’s settled, we remain in Khulan until we three become five.”

“Or six. You never know what lies ahead.”

Suddenly, all three heads expectantly turn towards the sound of a metal latch being lifted. The heavy wooden door which leads out to the street slowly swings open, as a cloaked figure saunters into the room….

Realm of Wonders is a fantasy RPG campaign covering a fully formed world filled with multi-layered storylines that will challenge even the most heroic of adventurers. We are looking for a few unique characters to round out the party. We are located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and meet every other Sunday from afternoon into the evening in a comfortable setting with plenty of table space, miniatures, battlemats, etc. We are using the rules set “Myth & Magic” which is a new & improved AD&D 2nd edition with many added features from more modern systems like 3.5 and Pathfinder (If you have played D&D, AD&D, 3.5, Pathfinder, these rules will be very easy for you). No need to purchase anything, as we provide all you will need to join in on this exciting adventure. If you enjoy Role-playing, and dynamic engagement in challenging stories, then you will love Realms of Wonder.

For more information, OR, to join in the adventure, please contact The Wayward Lass today at: brg.inc@juno.com
“We’ll buy ya a pint for yer troubles!”

Realm of Wonders!

The tavern