Quiver with arrows

A plain quiver carrying 12 arrows


Magical: (+1) to hit and damage


This quiver was found in the ancient burial chamber located in “The Barren.” The chamber was discovered by the party while assisting the half-orc friar—a brother of “The Order of the Menials”— search for the two missing brothers of the same order, along with the missing wooden cup. The quiver was sitting on top of a small stone platform, one of many that lined the walls in the outer chamber.

It is quite clear that these arrow have been here for a very long time, and yet, show little sign of aging: the points are still sharp, the feather fletching undamaged. This alone would indicate these arrows are not as plain as they might appear. Yet, the current owner (one half-elf bard) of these arrows remains unaware.

Quiver with arrows

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