Plain thin ring of dull silver


The ring allows the wearer quicker movement, adding a (+1) to AC against missile fire, and a (-2) to modified initiative die rolls.


This simple ring was found in an ancient burial chamber underneath a rock “dolmen” in the heart of “The Barren:” a hostile territory of thick rock slabs covering the ground.
The ring was setting on a simple stone altar along with three scroll tubes, a large yet lightweight metal mace head with strange sigils, and a small wooden cup with three blue gems inside of it. But the real treasure was the cup itself. It belongs to an order of friars known as “The Order of the Menials,” founded by Chobany the Elder. His mission began by accident, when he offered what little aid he had to a homeless dying man. He filled this cup with water and offered it to the man, upon drinking the water, the man who had been in considerable pain relaxed his body, smiled, and passed on to the underworld in peace. The cup has great sentimental value to the Order of the Menials.


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