Goblin Shaman's Blade

Crude bone-handled dagger.

weapon (melee)

13" long dagger whose blade was broken off its original hilt. It has been attached to a new hilt made of bone; crude, yet effective.
(+1) to hit/damage


This blade is of unknown origin. It was found by a goblin shaman while fishing in a local stream in the Black Hills known as Una’s Braes. She pulled it out of the water and saw that the hilt was missing, the blade having been broken off. Though broken, it was well made and well balanced, so she brought it back to her lair in the tunnels under the high ridge and fashioned a turkey bone into a hilt. It was then she realized the blade had some power of its own, as she could hit and cause damage better with this blade than any other.

It was picked up by the Mountain Dwarf Grundle the morning after the fight with the goblins in the simple rock lair. It is currently in her possession.

Goblin Shaman's Blade

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