Quinn Sora

Male Half-elf (distinctly human looking) 5'9" athletic build; brown hair


Half-Elf wearing chainmail and carrying a shield. A wooden holy symbol hangs from a chain around his neck. He wields a heavy mace.


Quinn’s mother Sara, a human, was involved with a missionary group, teaching reading and writing to those who could not. Quinn is not sure of his father’s name, as his mother told him little save he was an Elven ranger who was smart, kind and brave. His father left the family to help find a lost human Trapper. He never came back. This happened just before Quinn was born.
His first 10 years were perfect. He and his mother traveled with the group. Quinn loved exploring whenever he got the chance. But never before his duties were done. That usually meant between dinner and bedtime. He always had a book in his “adventurer bag” and wrote what down what he discovered. He dreamed he would be a Ranger, like his father was. Some day.
One evening he walked a little further than he planned and got lost (which is not a great start to a Ranger’s career). It took him most of the night to finally find the camp and wagons of the group. All seemed too quiet as he drew near. He had a sick feeling in his heart. He could see a fire in the middle but, no movement. As he got closer he noticed he was wrong, there was movement, just not normal movement. It was a group of ghouls feasting on something. He could not tell what. Suddenly, Quinn felt a very strong arm around his waist and a large hand over his mouth. He still got a scream out, as he was startled. The ghouls heard the sound. He heard a deep voice say “Stay down and do not move, they know we are here.” Suddenly two large men in armor rush out to meet the ghouls heading toward him. One of the men said something, brandishing a holy symbol. The other a large flail. The ghouls froze for a bit. The men quickly dispatch the foul creatures with their weapons. That was the night Quinn lost his mother and became an orphan.
He was taken in by the Church of Night, a small Sect that is dedicated to ridding the world of foul undead, as they worship the god of the underworld (a god who administers the law of mortality, and finds undead the most damnable blasphemy, as they stand in defiance of death by refusing to leave the mortal plane). Normally, it is in a dream that they are told where there services are most needed. They have only a few permanent churches of their own, but are usually welcome by most Good or Lawful Churches for worship or rest.
For the next two years he stayed at one of the sect’s churches. To earn his keep, he would clean and do whatever else was asked of him. One day a monk of the church came up to him as he was cleaning and told him to put the broom down and follow him. He explained that he had received a message in one of his Night Dreams that he should teach Quinn “the ways” of the church. The dream also spoke of the dangerous path that Quinn would have to walk. They had a lot of hard work ahead of them.
Quinn has been training for the past 12 years and is now ready to meet the challenges of his calling. He has yet to receive a Night Dream message, but it is obvious to all the elders of the sect that he has special qualities. Upon his Confirmation, Quinn was sent out to help those in need, particularly those beset by the undead (creatures he has sworn to destroy whenever and however he encounters them).

A person of few words, he lets his actions speak for him.
Quinn is currently making his way through the Kingdom of Kytheria, seeking out the undead on behalf of his god, who commands the undead be made permanently dead, and sent hither to the Underworld.

Quinn Sora

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