Grundle Stonethrower of the Highland Clans

Female dwarf fighter, stern countenance, shield & battle-axe.


4’ 2" tall; 157 lbs; built like a solid rock of granite.
99 years young; yellow hair and silver eyes, NO beard.


Grundle StoneThrower hails from the Highland Mountains, and is a proud member of the highland Clans. She carries her name with pride, as it represents a long and noble line of dwarfs that have staunchly defended their ancestral homes. Grundle has left the mountains in order to seek out greater knowledge about the greater world. She loves her homelands, but desires to understand the lands and people beyond the mountains. However, her stern demeanor followed with short and sharp verbal responses make it difficult for her to develop an understanding beyond her mountain home prejudices. She seems to sabotage the very thing she most desires. But when it comes to defending her companions, she will fight to the death. When charging into battle, she releases a hellacious battle cry in ancient Dwarven.

She has a prized pair of hurling axes that she regularly practices with, honing her throwing skills with these (+1) magical weapons. She also regularly cleans and maintains her armor and weapons, using her blacksmithing skills and years of experience working with metals to fine advantage.

She has recently quit her job as a teamster, seeking out a legend from an oft heard children’s story about a village a dwarfs in the black hills known as Una’s Braes.

“Grundle StoneThrower of the Highland clans. Let’s kill some filthy beasts!”

Grundle Stonethrower of the Highland Clans

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