Realm of Wonders!

There'll be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

A Hanging, a Roasting, and a Boasting

The four never met would be heroes awake to the sounds of a clanging bell. “Fire!” The streets of Khulan are startled awake as fire can quickly take the whole town. But will it?

It was while passing buckets full of water in one direction, and empty buckets in the other, that they met. The fire burning in the small house was contained—alas, not before two clerics with divine aid brought about through strange gestures and prayers entered the now smouldering building and emerged with the body of a young child. They heroically tried to bring the boy back from the clutches of Hades, but could not. The parents burst into convulsive sobbing, while the night watch—who successfully organized the bucket brigades—disbanded the townspeople.

It was then they noticed each other, standing on this otherwise insignificant smoke filled street; while a murmur went up amongst the lesser gods, as they too noticed this destined meeting.

Later that morning they heard that the two prisoners had escaped in the night. A farmer, claiming to have come in early to the town, though everyone knew he was returning from the town after an all-night-drunk, saw some people moving north along the west wall under cover of darkness. The party offered to investigate, and with the help of the druid’s wilderness skills, they found the trail that led them to a small cabin nestled in a copse of woods. After the stealthy scout reconned the building and found only two doors and one small window, the cleric—acting far more like a bloodlusting barbarian than a good cleric who worships the god of the underworld—crashed through the door. No time for words, it was a fight to the death. While the cleric went tete-a-tete with a tall human male, the druid can up from behind and smote a halfling with his magical shillieghlee. He struck with such force that the halfling became halfling yet again. The scout was not as lucky, as he crept thru the back door, he was beset by two bandits standing in the dark on either side of the doorway. Though the bard supported the rogue by firing arrows into the building, after a few blows, the rogue fell. After a few short seconds, all was quiet, and the rogue was brought back from Hade’s Shadow, not quite ready to end his mortal existence.

A quick trip back to Khulan, and the chief bailiff made his way to the cabin to confirm that the dastardly deeds of these bandits was brought to an end. The bailiff was not pleased, he would have prefered the gang to have been captured and brought to trial, so justice could play out for all to see. However, the parents of the little boy expressed their gratitude with tears and hugs.



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