Realm of Wonders!

A Necromantic Dream

We arrived at a small fishing village, not more than a few stone huts with reed roofs. What sent us here was a story told by a local friar we met on the road just outside the village of Loganburrow. Tess, as she called herself, believed there was more to this story than one small band of undead might suggest. Other small bands of undead had been spotted in the area over the last month as well, and the good people of the region were frightened by these horrible events. She suggested the answer to this outbreak of undead could be found in an old gnome druid about thirty miles away. So, we headed northeast to find this druid.

The people of the fishing village had large rowboats that they claimed were sea-worthy, we paid them a few gold pieces for a trip across a narrow inlet of the large inland sea called by some The Irriduce. True to their word, the fishermen brought us safely to the other side. Now our search for the old druid could begin in earnest.

After much hiking around the ancient forest along the shore of Irriduce, we stumbled upon the druid. But not before we had to work out the disorientating madness of this forest. It kept turning us around such that we were never certain which way we were headed, only to find ourselves hiking down the same path we had been on only hours before. One of us remembered a story from childhood, and we began to place various bits of cloth torn from our clothing, or copper pieces to mark our path. This clever device allowed us to finally make our way to the middle of the woods. But then we were attacked by some woodland creatures who make their homes here: squirrels, rabbits, and birds. What drove them to this we didn’t know, as their attack could do little harm to us. Fortunately we used discretion, and only drove them off without causing them any harm. It was then that the gnome druid made himself known.

The druid had been watching us for some time, to make sure our intentions were good. Though he wouldn’t tell us his name, he told us about a very old abandoned temple where an altar still gave off a powerful energy from the sunlight that came through an opening in the rock ceiling. While this temple was of neutral alignment, it was possible someone with evil intent could make use of this energy to stir the dead from their graves. He knew the temple was somewhere in the area around where the undead were turning up, but not its exact location. For that we would need to seek out a retired ranger—who he also would not name—who lived in a small woodland grove to the southwest. So we were off to find this unnamed ranger.

As we came to the edge of the woodland realm, we were beset by strange fairy creatures, not more than 6" tall. They flew around on gossamer wings while firing tiny arrows at us. When they struck, it was no more than a bee sting, but suddenly, an overwhelming urge to sleep came over the one plucking out the arrow. We ran, but not quickly enough. The next thing we knew, we were waking with headaches, minus are one magical item between us, a +1 dagger.



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